Month: June 2017



Creativity is a small word to describe a great deal of different qualities that each of us has which enable us access parts of our ourselves that may be hidden.

The beauty of this gift is that we do not need to reveal these discoveries to anyone or even ourselves if we so wish. The act itself of being creative has its own secret balm and wellspring of life.

Creativity shouldn’t be confused with Art alone, it has so many avenues. Exercising creativity helps us to think outside of our linear thoughts, improves problem solving by asking our minds to use different neural pathways.

It also doesn’t matter if you if you are ‘good’ at a creative pursuit, the act of engaging is creativity. This world already leans to far to the ‘success’ model and it isn’t doing us any good.

Your value as a human being is not measured by money or success, but by your uniqueness.

You are the only one of your kind who will ever exist in the whole of time and space. No one sees the world as you do.  I hope that you know that.



Truisms – Uncensored

Here follows a series of the outpouring of rambling thought, put into written word and left in a shoe box in the garage of the house I have just moved into:

UPDATE … I thought twice of sharing someone else’s personal scribblings on the open net. They were a treasure ,,, how would I feel?

Perhaps I should come up with some of my own…