The Panic Fallout

Feeling panicked …

Feeling panicked and annoyed at myself for being panicked over something ‘little’…

Shock response floods the body with adrenalin rapidly … the classic fight or flight.

The Body is trying to help respond to a threat… What if the threat is something that can’t be physically fought or fled from …

Hot, sweating, heart racing, brain exploding, breath quickened, muscles tensing … sat alone with no-where to run.

Why am I panicking over nothing? … Did you forget that very real shock first thing this when your alarm hadn’t gone off and you were late! You were shocked leapt up, into action. Sent a text or called to explain, got ready got to where you needed to be … in the end it was fine. People giggled with you and told stories of their alarm mishaps, it was not the end of the world … so why am I acting so skittishly, why am I panicking about being panicked?

When I first understood the biological fallout of a shock response it helped enormously. You see while the body is trying to help with this automatic panic button response, once pushed it cant just flick a switch to reset. Just in case the need to run from attack or fight it off physically it pushes shed-loads of hormone secretions including adrenalin into the system, better safe than sorry, right?

So … after the threat is over the mind is eased but the body is slowly bringing levels back to normal. It takes a while a slow curve back to normal. So for a long time after the initial shock is over the body is still flooded with an overdose of wired uppers! … A smaller shock a little while later is responded to with overkill because the body is still pumped. This can lead to a feedback loop in the brain … panicking over the fact you are panicking.

By remembering this slow decline of hormones after an initial panic, it was easier to calm myself when another hit came. That it was physiological fallout and I didn’t need to criticise myself as a person. Breathe, give yourself a break!

stress response



Creativity is a small word to describe a great deal of different qualities that each of us has which enable us access parts of our ourselves that may be hidden.

The beauty of this gift is that we do not need to reveal these discoveries to anyone or even ourselves if we so wish. The act itself of being creative has its own secret balm and wellspring of life.

Creativity shouldn’t be confused with Art alone, it has so many avenues. Exercising creativity helps us to think outside of our linear thoughts, improves problem solving by asking our minds to use different neural pathways.

It also doesn’t matter if you if you are ‘good’ at a creative pursuit, the act of engaging is creativity. This world already leans to far to the ‘success’ model and it isn’t doing us any good.

Your value as a human being is not measured by money or success, but by your uniqueness.

You are the only one of your kind who will ever exist in the whole of time and space. No one sees the world as you do.  I hope that you know that.